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Zen Center of Georgia


Meditation is the most basic of Zen practice, and zazen (seated meditation) forms the main meditation activity virtually all Zen schools. To this end, our weekly classes are primarily zazen.

We also include Okyo (chanting meditation) and arts in some of our classes, which are considered good adjunct to our line of Zen training.

We hold meditation at two locations in the greater Atlanta area, Avondale Estates, Ga. and Alpharetta, Ga. These classes require no advanced training or classes, beginners welcome.

Getting Started

If you are new to Zen training and would like to receive basic instruction, we recommend you arrive 10 minutes before the start time. Contact Us to confirm your visit and so an instructor will get there early too.

On your first visit, you will receive an introduction to the practice of Zen meditation, which will be sufficient for you to attend any meditation session in our schedule.

If you already have experience in Zen meditation, we can use this first session to orient you to our style of practice.

What to Wear

Many students find traditional Japanese-style training clothing (keikogi and hakama) to be practical and comfortable for Zen training; some of our members will be wearing these and we can help you obtain them if you like.

Any comfortable garment for meditation and physical activity, suitably modest, is fine. Tight pants, like jeans, should be avoided, as they tend to bind in a seated meditation posture. Shoes are unimportant, as you'll be barefoot.

We accept donations which are tax deductible under IRS Tax code 501(c)(3).