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Zen Center of Georgia

The Zen Center of Georgia is a small Rinzai Zen group offering a wide variety in Zen training. We are one of very few Rinzai Zen groups available to the greater Atlanta population, and the East Atlanta area specifically. We offer meditational sits several times a week, including seated meditation (Zazen), chanting (Okyo), and walking meditation (Kinhin) as an integrated part of our Zen training. We hold an overnight retreat (Zazenkai) four to six times a year, and have intensive multiday retreats (Sesshin) with our parent Zen temple, Daiyuzen-ji three times a year in Chicago, and at an associated Monastery, Korinji, outside Madison, WI several times a year.

Zen sit

We are an open community from diverse backgrounds, who have come together to support one another in our Zen training. Beginners are always welcome.

If you are in the greater Atlanta area and interested in meditation, beginning Zen practice, or just visiting our classes we welcome you. While we accept donations, our training is available to all at no charge.

If you wish to find out more about our group or practice, please feel free to contact us.

We accept donations which are tax deductible under IRS Tax code 501(c)(3).


Lao Tzu said, "If we learn, we gain in knowledge day by day. If we act according to the Way, we lose day by day. We keep losing until we no longer possess anything to do. In non-action we do everything."

The same is true of the Way of Zen.